Sony Pictures Stock Footage - Release Info

Content made available through Sony Pictures Stock Footage consists primarily of outtakes and B-Roll originally shot for our feature film and television productions. Footage may contain identifiable people, buildings, products, logos, works of art and/or stunt performances. When we license content from our library for use in new productions, we lose control over how our footage is used and in what context. Therefore, Sony Pictures Stock Footage does not license footage as being released, nor does it warrant or represent that anything in our library is fully released.

It's up to you to determine whether your project is commercial or editorial in nature, and if there are any release concerns that apply to your intended use. We may be able to assist you in making those determinations by reviewing original production files for our footage and providing any information that may be useful in that process. We also frequently work with the industry’s top independent clearance professionals and can provide you with referrals should you require assistance with the clearance process.